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About Aravanaikkum Anbu Illam

The GILGAL Ministries Trust was formed by Rev. Dr. Mohanraj Moses as Managing Trustee during May, 1998. The GILGAL Charitable Welfare Trust is having its main objects in establishing an old age home for helpless senior-citizens, belying the poor widows, orphans and providing educational facilities to the Poor and needy children irrespective of cast / Sex / Religion I Creed and to do other charitable activities for poor and economically backward peoples.

The GILGAL Ministries Trust is also very keen to establish a fond for providing sustained support to worthy causes such as uplift of education of all poor people including handicapped and to afford relief in case of distress, diseases, ignorance and social evils and also for training them to be self-supporting to provide themselves to lead a honorable and decent way of life. It is to be stated that The GILGAL Charitable Welfare Trust is a non-profitable Trust.

Now The GILGAL Ministries Trust rendering help and assistance in cash or in any kind to poor destitute-widow, old aged senior citizens, providing educational poor and parents-less children. To fulfill the above main objects The GILGAL Charitable Welfare Trust is running an orphanage for the poor/Parents-less children, old aged senior citizens, for those who were suffered by leprosy. So far the above social activities are being provided to over needy people of above kind with very limited fund and with the time-to-time financial and physical assistances from the friends/relatives who had same kind of service motives and by God's GRACE.

The TRUST is functioning from 1999 and carrying out the above object of the last nine, in the name of the "ARAVANAIKKUM ANBU ILLAM" having got approved by the director of social welfare, chepauk, Chennai - 600 005, vide Lr.no.Ref.54818/K.N 1(3)/1231/03, dated 01-03-2004.

The TRUST is also registered with the Income-tax authorities under ec.12A (a) of the Income-tax Act. 1961. Exemption under Sec. 80G of the Income-tax Act. 1961 has also been secured for the donations made to the TRUST up to 31st march 2009. The long cherished Indian tradition of joining family system is breaking down and fading away very fast in the new millennium. The traditional convention has been that the children heavily depend on their parents depend. Completely on their children when they become old.